2015 - Grease

Many people remember the very successful film version of “Grease” which was made in 1978 starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. This version is from the original 1972 Broadway Musical, but it includes the iconic songs from the movie version. In 2003, “Grease” was voted Best Musical of All-Time in a Channel 4 poll.

The show opens at a reunion of the class of ’59, remembering bygone days. Then we are taken back to 1959 and Rydell High is filled with rebellious, thrill-loving students. In the midst of this scene, Sandy Dumbrowski enters as the new girl in school. It turns out that she and the leader of the Burger Palace Boys gang, Danny Zuko, have had a brief love affair the summer before. While Sandy stresses to her new classmates the emotional attachment she and Danny had, Danny stresses the physical aspects of their relationship. As the show goes on, the students at Rydell High have to deal with love, gang violence, teen pregnancy, and friendship. In the end, Sandy and Danny resolve their differences and end up happily together.