2013 - With a Cherry on Top

Here are a selection of Photographs from the Production


ALF – (about 40yrs old) runs a cafe in Lavant. He has a daughter, Elsie who is 15 years old. Alf is very serious and hardworking and has a soft spot for Peggy. Alf’s Mother ran off with an American soldier at the end of World War II.

PEGGY – (about 40yrs old) a waitress in Alf’s café who has a soft spot for Alf. Peggy is a little bit cheeky but she is quite strict with Tony her son and tries to keep all the young ones on the straight and narrow.

LUCY – (aged 12) Alf’s daughter has delusions of grandeur and dreams of being on the stage in the West End even though she can’t sing or dance!

ELSIE – (aged 13) is the narrator for the play who dreams of playing Football for England. Tony is very sarcastic and a bit feisty with his mum, Peggy. Tony has a soft spot for Elsie, Alf’s daughter.

JOYCE – (aged 20 - 25) an attractive young lady who is still madly in love with her ex-boyfriend Eddie. Joyce is very bubbly and friendly but she can be a bit on the daft side.

ADA – (aged 65 to 75) Is Alf’s Auntie who helps out in Alf’s Café. Ada is a bit of a joker and doesn’t take life too seriously! She wears a hearing aid, is quite clumsy and can be a bit forgetful at times.

SOPHIE – (age 35 – 45yrs approx.) A customer from the Dating Agency who has arranged to meet her date at Alf’s Café. Sophie is a Head teacher looking for love and her date is Daniel Walton. Sophie is very well educated and is very well spoken.

DANIEL - (age 35 – 45yrs approx.) A customer from the Dating Agency who has arranged to meet his date at Alf’s Café. Daniel is also a Head teacher and his date is Sophie Millington. Daniel is very well educated and is very well spoken.

ALBERT – (A plumber aged 55 – 65yrs approx.) A jolly man, Albert is unlucky with the ladies. He meets Judy in the café and they haven’t seen each other for years. He used to fancy Judy and he realises that even after all this time he still has feelings for her.

JUDY – (aged 45-55) is a customer in Alf’s Café. Judy is Joyce’s mum and a widow and always on the lookout for a man.

ANN – (Chorus - aged between 20 and 40) a customer in Alf’s café.

MARY – (Chorus - aged between 20 and 40) a customer in Alf’s café.

HELEN – (Chorus - aged between 20 and 40) a customer in Alf’s café.

RUTH – (aged 35 – 50) works full-time in an office near the Café. Ruth is a flustered customer who enters Alf’s Café for a cup of coffee. Ruth is always in a hurry and is often late for work!

ERIC – (aged 40 to 60) Coalman. Based on Peter Cook’s character Derek.

MIKE – (aged 40 to 60) Coalman. Based on Dudley Moore’s character Clive.

EDDIE – (aged 22) is a Cub Leader. Eddie is Joyce’s ex-boyfriend and is a typical young lad who is interested is girls and he takes Elsie (Alf’s daughter) out on a date.

TONY – (aged 13) is a cheeky Cub Scout who is in Eddie’s Cub group.

SALLY – (aged 35) is a Mother of Tracy, Alice and Steven. Sally regularly struggles to relate to her children who seem to be intellectually challenged.

TRACY – (10 years old) One of Sally’s daughters who is very intellectually challenged.

ALICE – (12 years old) Sally’s daughter who is very intellectually challenged!

STEVEN – (8 years old) is Sally’s son. Shy and quiet.

EDITH – (aged approx. 35 – 40 years) Mother of Mary & Rose. A customer in Alf’s Café, Edith finds her life boring and is fed up being a mother and housewife.

Lines 19

ROSE - (12 years old) Edith’s eldest daughter. Tries to keep up with the latest fashion.

MARY – (10 years old) Edith’s youngest daughter. Has trouble learning how to count.

MABEL – (60 years old) Alf’s Mum who ran away to America to marry a GI when Alf was very young. Mabel is very glamorous and bubbly who looks very good for her age.

BRIAN – (Approx 35 – 45 years old.) An American and a total snob. He is dating Bella and is madly in love with her but has insecurities as to whether he is good enough for her.

BELLA – (Approx. 35 – 45 years old.) Alf’s American step-sister. Bella is a sweet and friendly girl with a very cheery disposition who likes the finer things in life.

TED – (Approx. 50 – 60 years old.) A regular customer who struggles completing his sentences. Ted is a hard working guy who has had a very chequered employment history.

SAM – (Approx. 40 – 60 years old.) Washer up. Sam appears throughout the play by bringing crockery onto the stage.

BEN - (Approx. 40 – 60 years old.) Fireman.

MR REEVES - (Approx. 60 years old.) Bank Manager.