Newsletter - July 2012

Post date: Jul 18, 2012 4:09:42 PM

Newsletter - July 2012

Hello All,

This month's newsletter is mainly about auditioning for "With a Cherry on Top" so read on and come on down to the Lavant Memorial Hall on 9 or 18 July. That's all for now.




Auditions for “With a Cherry on Top”

The Lavant Players are auditioning for parts in our next major production which will be staged in January 2013. Written by our Director, Tony Hudson. "With a Cherry on Top” is a musical comedy set in Alf’s Café during the 1950’s. Alf’s Café is run by the eponymous Alf with the help of his staff, Peggy, Ada and Joyce. Peggy’s Son, Tony narrates a large part of the play putting his teenage spin and view of the world into the Play. The story centres around Alf, whose Mum Mabel left him when he was a young man and ran off with an American GI just after the war. As a result Alf was left to run the Café on his own to make ends meet. He employs Peggy, Ada and Joyce to work with him and they all form an integral part of the story. Alf often wonders what his life would have been like if his Mother had not gone to America all those years ago and how his life might have turned out differently. He wonders what happened to his Mother and whether they will ever meet again? As usual, there are plenty of parts for both adults and children. Those who wish to audition for parts should download the “auditions packet” from our website [] and follow it’s instructions; auditions take place in the Lavant Memorial Hall at 7-10pm on 9th& 18thJuly.

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Lavant Fete Pastiche

I promised you something different for the Fete along the lines of paying homage to “The Artist” by performing a small pastiche of a silent movie; think Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin heroines, dastardly villains and railway tracks!

I lied there were no railway tracks [or heroines or villains] but there was Linda and a lampost as you can see! A short but perfectly formed piece that kept folks wondering how it was going to end - until the end.

Lavant Players Committee

Fred Barber Chairman

Paul Rivett Treasurer

Ron Haysom Secretary

Wyn Keates

Chris Luck

Jenny Quest

Tracey Stone

Richard Ryder

What You Need To Do For the Audition

  1. Please look over the supplied Monologues. We ask that you audition with one of these Monologues.

  2. Please print and fill out the audition form. Please bring it with you to the audition. (forms will also be available at the audition)

  3. Rehearsals will be weekly starting in Monday 20th August 2012. We are planning two rehearsals (Two evenings) per week. Not everyone will be needed for every rehearsal. Call sheets will be made available to the cast to tell you which rehearsals you will need to attend.


ALF – (about 40yrs old) runs a cafe in Lavant. He has a daughter, Elsie who is 15 years old. Alf is very serious and hardworking and has a soft spot for Peggy. Alf’s Mother ran off with an American soldier at the end of World War II.

Lines 207 Musical Numbers include – Itsy Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot, Sh-Boom & What a Wonderful World.

PEGGY – (about 40yrs old) a waitress in Alf’s café who has a soft spot for Alf. Peggy is a little bit cheeky but she is quite strict with Tony her son and tries to keep all the young ones on the straight and narrow.

Lines 148 Musical Numbers include - Mr. Sandman, Sincerely, 7 Little Girls, Magic Moments & Venus.

ELSIE – (aged 15) Alf’s daughter has delusions of grandeur and dreams of being on the stage in the West End even though she can’t sing or dance!

Lines 37

TONY – (aged 14) is the narrator for the play who dreams of playing Football for England. Tony is very sarcastic and a bit feisty with his mum, Peggy. Tony has a soft spot for Elsie, Alf’s daughter.

Lines 106 Musical Number - Venus.

JOYCE – (aged 20 - 25) an attractive young lady who is still madly in love with her ex-boyfriend Eddie. Joyce is very bubbly and friendly but she can be a bit on the daft side.

Lines 149 Musical Numbers include - Stormy Weather, Mr. Sandman, Sincerely, 7 Little Girls, Magic Moments & Venus.

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